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The Rush Discush

Feb 25, 2022

Join us as we reflect on this bracket and determine the one instrumental track that we would keep out of the remaining 4 tracks. We also announce the next bracket to come.

Listen to the songs in this bracket here:



Feb 22, 2022

Here it is - the final decision between these instrumentals! Building off of last episode's discussion, Juliann and Adam dive deeper into their personal feelings about these two great showcases of the band's virtuosity!

Feb 18, 2022

Doug, Vicki, Dennis, and Jim are all back as Juliann and Adam prep for their next battle episode. Dive deep into the complexity of these two powerhouse instrumentals with the help of these wonderful musical guests!

Link to La Villa Strangiato movement listing:

Feb 15, 2022

Today, Adam interviews Dr. Doug Helvering - a composer and professor - and has him break down some of these composing terms that get tossed around. We also dive into some different compositional elements that Rush used in their songs. Yet another great interview that will deepen your appreciation of the band!

Check out...

Feb 11, 2022

Strap in folks, this one is a doozy. We brought Adam and Jimmy back to give their input from a bass perspective, and Steve breaks down some sweet drum stuff for them as well.

Check out the full interview with Steve: